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Incandescence is the story of light, the story of transgressing boundaries and daring to exist outside the confines we exist in. Incandescence is the state of freedom and androgyny of expression, unrestrained by social norms.

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at dusk, I unfold like

a flower. for just a moment, I think I hear

a bird—but it’s just an old memory leaving.

mist of red. soul of fire. I’m

trapped in a body that I don’t recognize. a home

that isn’t mine.

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on a tightrope, tiptoeing over a border you call it pride before the fall

i don't really say much at all but


what i wouldn't give

to find fluency in this,

to get on my knees and tell your god


i am as i was made

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about us

The Japanese word "origami" is composed of two smaller Japanese words: "ori" (おり), meaning to fold, and "kami” (かみ), meaning paper – a word that shares hiragana with the Japanese word for “deity”. As such, The Origami Review aims to fold magic into the metaphorical creases of our pages, believing that the creation of art can capture the ethereal within the ordinary and mundane.


our mission


The Origami Review seeks to be a place for young artists and writers to explore the limits of their craft. We’re especially passionate about platforming those of marginalized communities, recognizing that the literary and artistic world often prioritizes those of dominant cultures within society. We hope to uplift and connect writers from around the world through the unique, complex power of artistic expression. 

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