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Incandescence is the story of light, the story of transgressing boundaries and daring to exist outside the confines we exist in. Incandescence is the state of freedom and androgyny of expression, unrestrained by social norms.

Adenah Furquan 
Althea Downing-Sherer 
Andrea Gerada 
Andrew Korizno 
Anngelina Minnittee 
Angelia Miranda 
Ananya Rustogi 
Ave Goorbarry 
Asher Watson 
Claire Sims 
Hana Park 
Jessica King 
Jessica Vance 
Kelechukwu Samuel, Ojile Oliver Tang 
Olivia Choi 

Rory Frasch

Ruchi Acharya

Sean Nguyen

Snigdha Garud


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