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Candy Cotton
Elizabeth Li  | The Origami Review
Candy Cotton
Ananya Rustogi // Design and marketig head - The Origami Review

Elizabeth li

 Founder & Editor-in-chief.

Elizabeth Li is a high school junior that is fascinated by the sound of language. As a writer and poet, her work has been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing awards, the John Locke Institute, and also appears in the Aurora Journal and Cathartic Lit. In her spare time, she enjoys binging musicals, reading webtoons, and having existential crises at absurd hours in the morning. 

Ananya Rustogi 

Design and Marketing Head 

Ananya Rustogi is a passionate high school student who enjoys giving back to her community through volunteering. She has worked with multiple organizations and continues to devote her time to causes that are important to her. Ananya's artistic side shines through in her love for painting and baking, and her talent has been recognized by having her artwork displayed in the National Gallery of Singapore. When she's not pursuing her passions, you can find her playing guitar or engaging in lively debates.

Faust Zhang 

Candy Cotton
 Faust Zhang  | The Origami Review
General Editor 

Faust is a high school student who loves English probably to an unhealthy degree. If you call them on a weekend, they're likely busy debating at a tournament or writing a fiction novel they'll never finish. In the past, they have been a writer for UNICEF and were a winner and finalist in many university level debate tournaments.

Carina Solis

Olivia Choi 

Candy Cotton
Art Editor &

 Olivia Choi is a high school junior who has fallen in love with painting, surrealism, and East Asian literature. Her artworks and short stories have been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and the in:cite journal respectively. When she isn’t sketching or painting, Olivia likes to spend her spare time painting her nails and playing rhythm games for long periods of time.

Angela Luo

Candy Cotton
Angela Luo  | The Origami Review
General Editor 

Angela Luo is an award winning high school student who likes art and writes short stories that have been published in numerous anthologies and magazines. She has also edited for several blogs and magazines, such as the Toronto Public Library magazine. Fun fact, she runs an Instagram account for her pet bunny. Give him a follow @ballthebunny!!

Candy Cotton
carina solis // general editor @ the origami review

Carina Solis is an African-American writer from Georgia. Her work has been recognized or is forthcoming in the Eunoia Review, the Ice Lolly Review, Rogue Agent, the National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and the New York Times Summer Reading Contest, among others. She is an editor at Polyphony Lit, an intern at Young Eager Writers, and a mentee at Ellipsis Writing. She is fifteen years old.

General Editor 
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