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Windows, the World, and Us

by Kelly Huang

When the sun sneaks through this window,

the coat on your elbow, dangling and swinging,

becomes yellow.


Your eyes flicker

as I think of something good to have

for a breakfast in midwinter.


And this morning would be one of those mornings

that we might not wanna be

World changers



One of those mornings

That we’d just lie quietly by the fire.


We’d look out this window,

and see thousands of windows,

shining in the afterglow.


But somehow

At some point that we don’t know the windows

Break into shiny pieces


Their voices of glass hitting each other

And falling apart

Till the light disappears


It’s our dreams. It’s our dreams

Given up, poured out, laid on the ground

And that’s when we know

This is all wrong

Kelly is an 18 year old that loves writing and poetry. Alongside writing, she also likes volleyball, dancing, and gazing up at the stars despite knowing nothing about constellations. She also writes for her school newspaper. 

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