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Paradox on the Stage

by Adrija Jana

It is quite simple 
To step out of a car, walk up to the stage 
Hold a cordless microphone in hand 
And to talk about sustainability, 
About the Carbon Footprint 
About Reducing Consumption 
And even simpler 
To blame it all on the activities in the developing nations 
When you know that as you get home 
Warm food on the table will be waiting for you 
Today, and tomorrow, and the day after and the day after 

But did you ever pause a moment to think of them 
Who do not have the luxury of a home, a table or even a bowl of food? Or of them who have to toil three days to finally get food on the fourth? Do you think of the young children who peep in through windows just for a smell of the delicacies, their stomachs rumbling with hunger? 
Do you think of the pregnant women, distraught with starvation, working doubly hard to feed their unborn child? 

You have warm soup to soak your throat in the winters 
Do you know that there are those who survive on dirty cold water of the polluted rivers And attempt to satiate their hunger just with a drink or two? 

You think of the future, you say 
You work for the future 
But what of those 
Whose present is not secure 
What of those who do not know if the food at home will last another day? What of those who do not know if they will get to eat for a single day in the next day? Have you ever thought what "Reduction in Consumption" would sound like to them? 

No, you haven't. 

We can all speak 
Speak about what we read in the newspapers everyday 
Or about what the news channels have convinced us is important
But do we ever think about the "behind the scenes?" About the people who suffer in silence 
Whose suffering never comes into the light? 

It is them we need to think about first 
It is them we need to uplift 
Because if they do not know if they will live another day How can we expect them to be concerned about the world? Only when we are at par 
Only when we all secure 
Can we look forward to securing our world together 
Can we look forward to saving our world together

Adrija Jana is a passionately creative writer based in India. She mostly creates poetry pieces based on her personal experiences as well as social issues she is passionate about. Her work mostly revolves around protest against period  poverty, marital rape and advocating for freedom of choice, apart from emotional self-lived experiences. She is inspired by writers such as Margaret Mitchell and Rupi Kaur, as well as the minutiae of everyday life.  

Apart from being a writer, Adrija is also a Spoken Word Artist, Theatrecian, Filmmaker and creative researcher, and all her work is woven together by common themes. She believes that creative pieces that let the innate imperfection shine through truly touch hearts. 

You can reach out to Adrija or read more about her work on her instagram account- @adrija_jana2004

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