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by Phoenix Tesni

there is a future that beckons to us,

glinting & gleaming like a double-edged

sword, smirking & snickering like a cat

that knows more about you than your

mind, dark & quiet like an abandoned

heart. you can try & dig & probe &

crawl your way in but you will always

find yourself back here, with only the

next moment within reach. blink:

the future is now the past. nostalgia

sits with her legs up on the dashboard,

refusing to read the map ahead as you 

go round & round in circles. she says,

there is no sense in looking at directions

to anywhere. or everywhere. or nowhere.

you let go of the steering wheel. the car

keeps moving. or the world does, outside.

you cannot tell the difference anymore.

Phoenix Tesni (she/her) is a 22 year old self-diagnosed artist & poet from New Delhi. She has forthcoming works in Morning Fruit Magazine, Verum Literary Press, bloodbathhate, Sage Cigarettes, Cloudscent Journal, tigers zine lit, and elsewhere. When Phee isn’t writing, she likes to practice falling in love with life over and over again. You can find her at or @PhoenixTesni on twitter.

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