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by Emory Ellis

Android lullabies murmured 
in curtains of dusk. Beyond 
the reach of oozing tissue—

What we become when we float
instead of dream. I see us 
now as the fawn cleaved from its 

mother by steel. Its vein wires 
malfunctioning. Hoping
the carbon gods hear the sizzle

of our exposed arteries.
Almost as burnt as fraying cables 
transmitting prayers

through clenched fists and folded knees.
Here in the blackout of all is
still but the sight beating of 

electric chambers. Seeping
out static. Dimming the fawn’s cries 
with ignited currents.

Here I can be nothing. Here
I can be as still as the
doe. Waking empty and cold. 





Emory (they/them) is a high school senior heading to Kenyon College for university. They're mainly a poet, but also occasionally dabble in the arts and have a soft spot for watercolor in particular. They believe the arts are important for transcending the boundaries between people within society. 

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