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Cosmic wanderer

Snigdha Garud

the sky is a swatch of navy
dotted with bright, silvery light,
a banquet for a starving psyche.
soft moonbeams, I tuck
into the void of my soul,
one by one those rays are scooped,
and poured down my yearning throat.
twinkling stars are a taunting elixir,
glimmering with faraway radiance.
desperately, I drift closer,
cherry-picking the brightest.
luminous vitality, I swallow those
sweet clusters condensed
into perfect
branding a thousand pulsating stars
on my chest.
each star a heart, pumping
me farther every minute:
arteries ferry me around after twilight,
veins ferry me to bed before dawn,
the last tendrils of my dream sobering
in the golden sunlight.
please wipe that sun away—
even in this lucid morning,
darkness fragmented by light,
I want to ride the streaking tail of a comet,
back to my night.

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