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When God Said “Hi” to Me at Pizza Al Fresco

Ave Goorbarry

Gold graces girl the way God graced angels when he sent humans to earth. / Mightier heaven that spoke beyond bounds as she became sky in a night. / When those lights shone down onto her / it became the halo he forgot to add as she was on her way out of the clouds. / I watched the lights as we had dinner. / Lights strung over the tin roof and down the side / so as she sat across from them each eyelash could give blinks for thanks. / The lights were hung there. / The low-bearing fruit meant to invoke her glance with intention. / Adam cried that night as a reminder to Eve / that he shouldn’t have bit that apple. / He missed the stars too much from above. / He wondered why they were dimmed looking up from the ground. / Until I reminded him that you paid them: the stars, the moon, the sun. / So that you could be the brightest in the sky that night until dawn / when they couldn’t take your eyes as currency at daybreak. / Because then I couldn’t speak of all the ways gold found solace in your eyes. / I think the angels cried that night / and I think purgatory was a refuge / as each glance you took blurred the lines between heaven and earth.

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